Copper and copper alloys

The characteristics of copper
Pure red copper should be called red brass with the following characteristics.
– Thermal conductivity, high electrical conductivity. Regarding its electrical conductivity second only to silver, with cleanliness
99.9% Cu in a state of incubation, at C ρ = resistivity and thermal conductivity by 1,7241Ω.cm 385W / m.oK. Most are used as pure copper wire . To remember that insoluble impurities in Cu, especially P, Fe with very small amounts of strongly reducing properties conductive (down 46% to 0.1% P, 0.1% down 23% Fe).


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    – Anti-corrosion quite well in the common environment: atmosphere, water, water sea ​​or alkaline, organic acids.
    – Very high viscosity due to the A1 network very easily deformed hot and cold, easy to make semi-finished products into the long, suitable for use.
    – In the annealed condition but not higher durability (with 99.97% Cu with σb = 220MPa, σdh = 70MPa) but increased durability plastic deformation very strong (with ε = 60%, σb = 425MPa, σdh = 375MPa). With copper alloy, cold deformation hardening measures are very important. Permanence of copper welding pretty good, but when the concentration of oxygen impurities especially increased, pros This score decreased markedly. Can see the disadvantages of copper are as follows:

    Dense (γ = 8,94g /) Poor machinability by cutting the plastic foil, not broken, to improve often for more Pb on. Calculate poor casting, but the melting temperature is C, but less fluidity.

    The pure copper
    – The concern ại to conductive pure copper metal should be at least 99.9% Cu was produced under three different methods.
    – Electrolytic Copper ETP (Electrolytic Tough Pitch) containing approximately 0.04%. In copper, dissolved oxygen hardly just created should not reduce electrical conductivity. But this kind of sensitivity to hydrogen as the temperature> C (reducing water bubbles created, causing cracks at grain boundaries). Therefore, this type of processing used for processing at <C. Pure oxygen copper OFHC (Oxygen Free High Conductivity) is kind of cathode copper smelting in the atmosphere reverted, at least 99.95% Cu, 0.003% oxygen should be no less than sensitive to hydrogen. Copper is deoxygenated deoxygenated kind are thoroughly with phosphorus, oxygen in the form of whole
    If the freedom of contract of P <0.005%, it hardly reduces the lead (but with only 0.04% P by 85% conductivity of OFHC type), so it can clean oxygen hot deformation.